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I'm pleased to say that my new record 'O Veisalgia' is now released. I am beyond proud of this album and I hope you enjoy it. So many special people helped me make it and we tried to push each other to make something special. It is available on beautiful limited edition yellow vinyl, excellent-sounding limited edition CD and digital through Bandcamp.'A longing for a better past, and a hope for rebuilding, is apparent throughout the enthralling O Veisalgia' - Obscure Sound'A journey through themes of urban violence, digital disconnection, and the fragile ties that bind us in this rapidly evolving era' - Musikepool O Veisalgia Interview - York Calling

‘O Veisalgia’ London album launch - November 8th 2023, 7.30pm
@ The Waiting Room, Stoke Newington 

🎟️ TICKETS: https://link.dice.fm/Md1ddd2a5f1e

Support: MOCK DEER

𝑵̲̅𝑬̲̅𝑾̲̅ 𝑨̲̅𝑳̲̅𝑩̲̅𝑼̲̅𝑴̲̅ 𝑵̲̅𝑬̲̅𝑾̲̅𝑺̲̅

Pleased to say that my new album is now in its final stages. It's sounding killer and I can't wait to release it. I have launched a limited pre-order and crowdfunding page at Indiegogo to help with the expensive mixing/mastering/cd + vinyl production process. Please get involved and support if you can. You'll hear the album / see the artwork & final updates way before release date and be a part of bringing this independent record into the world thank you 

LINK: https://igg.me/at/russelljoslin

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🔴 NB: ‘This Is My Home’ video contains some distressing images of animals being exploited and mistreated in the tourism industry - if this might offend or upset you, please use discretion
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🌆 S T R E E T F I G H T 🌃 

'Intense and artistically serious mental cinema - a hymn for the streets' - MangoWave'Russell Joslin‘s newly released track “Streetfight” is a gripping traversal through London’s early hours and its inhabitants, through the scope of a nighttime drive' - Obscure Sound
'Russell Joslin takes us on a journey of tension, anxiety and the lawlessness of late-night London' - The Other Side Reviews‘Dance floor friendly yet bleak' - The Joy of Violent Movement