%...living proof of how fresh, vigorous and abrasive an acoustic songwriter can and should be in the 21st Century.% -
Tom Robinson - BBC 6music

“He reframes folk%s storytelling tradition and brings it kicking and screaming into the 21st century, and is - without doubt - one of the most versatile and riveting young talents on the scene.” - Clickmusic.com - Live review

%edgy and dangerous...extreme folk at its best.% - Folkwords.com - Harlequins album review

‘an album of eloquent beauty’ - ThisisfakeDIY.com - Dream Token album review

‘Explosive, hard hitting folk from a newcomer that will have all other singer songwriters running for cover from his poetic wrath ... a much needed gust of fresh air into the British folk scene.’ - Subba-cultcha.com - Dream Token Album Review

This is folk music refracted through the prism of Velvet Undergraound, Husker Du and The Sisters of Mercy. Don%t expect dicreet and decorous folk; rather Joslin empties his heart with honesty, vitality and passionate abandon - 4 out of 5 - Rock n Reel - Harlequins album review

His episodic songs were rendered in an utterly captivating manner by his spiky yet precise guitar playing: quicksilver shifts in tempo and some audaciously soft dynamics elevate his material over other folk singer-songwriters that I%ve encountered in similar venues, as does his voice. Yearning and striving seem built into his instrument, which the songs stretch to their breaking point of passion. When joined for various numbers by Sarah McCaig she was able to match him strife for strife, longing for longing, and the musical charge they generated together was truly electrifying - Musicboxfolk.com blog

‘In all Dream token is an album of such intensity and heart felt cathartic gut spilling that you should beg, steal or borrow a copy now. Brooding...raucous...strained...grating... a sonic wonderment - 4 out of 5’ - Clickmusic.com - Dream Token Album Review

This inner sanctum is initially brought to its knees by unsigned troubadour Russell Joslin, an artist with songs so raw and powerful they induce both goose bumps and a temporary state of mild paralysis as the minute crowd are captivated, mesmerised and spellbound all at the same time - Clickmusic.com


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